Ro.Van. srl, regularly authorized by the city of Rome execution of the monumental works of funerary art, has developed great experience putting them at the service of its customers. The construction of a building cemetery may seem very simple operation but it is not. It is primarily a sign of civilization, of which there is no trace in the history of every people; it represents the ultimate gesture of love to our loved ones. For the importance it must implement it using quality materials, technically advanced and specialized products.

Our organization, with the experience gained, it is able to guarantee all this and provide free advice and assistance on burials, and also provide for the flower arrangement of gardens and everything related to the beautification of the tomb.

Italian tomb

The modern type resumes and simplifying the traditional twentieth century, consisting of a surface structure with easy-to-plate composite manhole in the middle, sometimes bordered by flower beds and decorative chains.
The building currently consists of a sloping stone floor of the manhole base plate and decorated with a green area on the sides.

English tomb

This type refers to the former usage in Anglo-Saxon world to put a stone plate at the burial ground.
The monument consists of a burial chamber from No.6 to No.12 in the underground places. On the surface there is a manhole cover of stone or marble of your choice that has the function of reproducing the aesthetic-symbolic stone slab marking the burial place in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries.
In the current standard has added a low stone shaped in the head with a small circular space for the placement of a lantern.
The monument can be achieved in the dimensional standards in stone or marble of any kind.

Tomb type sarcophagus and Ark

The structure of the underground burial chamber, as for the previous types, is similar to that indicated on the surface.
With regard to the architectural decorative surface it consists of a manhole access of corpses in the crypt and a sarcophagus decorated with stone in the green axis and the remaining area.
The ark is a dimensional expansion of the sarcophagus and is also directly access the crypt.
These two types of tomb are the closest to the immense production of ancient funeral.

Tomb type Newsstand

Remain unchanged the characteristics of the underground structures, but on these is built a little chapel with an altar open or closed and manhole.
Structurally, the artifact is made of reinforced concrete and then lined with stone.
The cover is specially equipped with the necessary disposal of the water.
This monument has been widely used in the past, so as to represent the multitude of examples were presented to us a comprehensive document of the variety of tastes and styles in this specific field of Architecture.

Tomb of Chapel type

Similar to but larger type Kiosk.
E ‘consists of a crypt standard that can be accessed by a small staircase and a large part of which contains niches and an altar with the interior.