Cemetery records and practices

The company Ro.Van. srl provides complete assistance to the customer regarding the documentation and the completion of the various practices cemetery. Our service also provides expert knowledge of the cemetery regulations and also in “special circumstances” is able to advise and direct the family to the best solution. All our services are carried out directly with our staff.

What we offer

  • Denunciation of death at the registry office of the municipality where death occurred;
  • Authorization A.S.L.;
  • Release go-ahead by the Judicial;
  • Decree for transport out of town where death occurred;
  • Passport for mortuary transport from Italy to foreign countries and vice versa;
  • Corpse clearance from any airport in Italy or abroad;
  • Practices to cremations;
  • Burial in tomb;
  • Burial ground.

Practices cemetery

Please contact us as soon as possible so that our experienced staff can carry out all activities required by the dressing of the corpse for burial. It will be our pleasure to organize the function and advise on the choice of the place and mode of burial. To the  Organizing of function as well as directing you on the location and burial arrangements best suited to your needs.